Han So Hee shines spectacularly among top celebrities in England 

Actress Han So Hee flaunts a beauty that cannot be overshadowed even by top global stars. 

On December 6th, photos of Han So Hee attending British Fashion Awards, the most prestigious awards ceremony in the British fashion industry, were released through various SNS platforms and media outlets. 

han so hee

The actress attended the awards as a member of the Charlotte Tilbury team. 

Han So Hee-British Fashion Awards

In the published photos, Han So Hee can be seen posing in a friendly manner alongside top stars such as Lily James, Florence Pugh, and Sabrina Carpenter. Dressed in a glamorous green down, the actress perfectly showed off her unique lovely beauty. 

han so hee

Seeing the photos, netizens on the Korean forum theqoo cannot help but be blown away by the visuals of Han So Hee, leaving comments such as, “She looks like a real princess”, “She is a real-life snow white”, “I now completely understand why people fall in love with Han So Hee”, and “I can’t take my eyes off her”

Meanwhile, Han So Hee will appear in the Netflix series “Gyeongseong Creature”, which is scheduled to be released in 2023. She will be co-starring alongside actor Park Seo Joon in this work. 

Source: Nate, theqoo

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