Han So Hee hasn’t erased all her tattoos? A tattoo recently spotted on the side of her chest 

Han So Hee recently appeared at the awards ceremony wearing a glamorous dress.

On December 13th, Han So Hee attended the ‘2022 Asia Artist Awards IN JAPAN’ held in Nagoya, Japan. She won the AAA Best Artist and Actress category for her incredible buzz as well as stellar acting skills.

Han So Hee AAA

In her acceptance speech, she said, “First of all, it is an honor to be with such wonderful artists representing our country, and I am grateful to AAA and the staff who made today’s Han So Hee. I am also sincerely grateful to the fans.”

Afterwards, images of Han So Hee taking photos with other artists spread on social media. Fans took notice of her side. There was a new tattoo on the side of her chest.

The exact shape of the new tattoo is unknown as it was covered by a dress, but it looked like a long, thin flower.

Netizens left comments, “It looks as attractive as her pelvis tattoo” and “It’s so pretty.”

Previously, Han So Hee drew attention by revealing a leaf-shaped tattoo near her pelvis.

On September 3rd, she was suspected of having a new tattoo when she attended the opening of the British makeup brand Charlotte Tilbury at Lotte Department Store.

Han so hee tatto thumbnail

At that time, Han So Hee appeared wearing a pure white one-piece dress that emphasized the neckline.

As Han So Hee gave out a finger heart for the reporters and fans who came to see her, part of her new tattoo was visible on the side.

Fans praised Han So Hee, saying, “Her tattoo is as pretty as her face” and “There is no difference no matter what tattoo she gets.”

Source: Insight. 

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