Han So-hee and Song Ji-hyo Criticized for Short Hair, But It’s Their Choice 

Before actress Han So-hee sparked controversy with her short hairstyle, Song Ji-hyo faced the same criticisms. 

Han So-hee shared photos of her current appearance on social media on July 2. In the photos, she had cut her long hair into a short bob, with bright dyed hair, heavy smoky makeup, and exotic blue contact lenses enhancing her mysterious charm.

han so hee

This simple photo of Han So-hee‘s beauty unexpectedly became a hot topic, drawing evaluations from netizens. Some criticized the short hair, saying it was awkward for someone known for her long, lush hair, while others felt the bob suited her better. This impromptu vote on Han So-hee’s styling took place without her knowledge, making her bright and playful update rather awkward.

This isn’t the first time an actress’s hairstyle has sparked debate. In 2021, Song Ji-hyo’s short haircut led to a peculiar incident where even ‘Running Man’ members had to step in to explain.

Song Ji Hyo

Right after Song Ji-hyo revealed her short hair on social media, she appeared on SBS’s “Running Man” in a retro outfit, matching the broadcast’s concept, which led to criticisms of her overall styling. Despite the “Running Man” members’ efforts to calm the situation by praising her looks, some speculated that Song Ji-hyo was stubbornly sticking to a style that didn’t suit her, clashing with fans.

As the uncomfortable spotlight intensified, fans issued statements on online communities demanding a change in her styling. They suggested changing her hair salon, adopting styles that suited her better, maintaining neatness, and hiring more experienced stylists. Song Ji-hyo didn’t respond directly but later appeared on a show after eight months, confessing, “I cut my hair while drinking heavily,” and asking people not to blame her staff. It was clear that the situation was difficult for her, as the controversy extended beyond her to questioning her staff’s competence.

Celebrities’ images are crucial, and suitable styling is part of that image. There are those synonymous with long, straight hair and others known for their porcelain skin, where tanning is unimaginable. However, styling choices ultimately belong to the individual and can be a strategic decision for diverse activities. Just as maintaining a popular image is important, so is the ability to transform beyond existing evaluations and preconceptions—a vital skill for actors.

Source: Nate

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