Han Ji Min who hilariously didn’t want to lie during an interview

When asked an awkward question, Han Ji Min couldn’t lie. 

Thirteen years ago, actress Han Ji Min was visited by TV host Bae Seong Jae at her CF filming site. At the time, Han Ji Min was gaining much attention after starring alongside So Ji Sub in the 2009 drama “Cain and Abel” that just ended.

Han Ji-min

When Bae Seong Jae asked Han Ji Min about her ideal type, she said she likes people with innately bright personalities and clear eyes. 

Han Ji-min

Hearing this, Bae Seong Jae suddenly asked, “How about my eyes?”. Han Ji Min was caught off guard as she reacted, “Yes!? Eyes…? Haha…”, while smiling awkwardly. 

Bae Seong Jae told Han Ji Min to just answer honestly. Not wanting to lie, Han Ji Min said while smiling, “This is frustrating.” She couldn’t even come up with a good lie.

Han Ji-min

In response to Han Ji Min’s honest reaction without a filter, Bae Seong Jae burst into laughter. Han Ji Min then said while waving her hand, “Oh, that’s just a joke, a joke, a joke!!”

Source: daum

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