Han Ji-min talked about her character in “Happy New Year”, “I gained lots of ‘one-sided love’ experience”

Actress Han Ji-min said she learned a lot of experience about one-sided love.

On December 30th, Star News conducted a video interview with “Happy New Year” actress Han Ji-min and talked about various things related to this new movie.

Set in a hotel during the year-end time when countless people stay, leave, meet, and break up with each other, “Happy New Year” is a movie telling about people who visit Hotel Emross with different stories and create relationships in their own ways. Han Ji-min plays Sojin, a hotel manager who has been hesitant to confess to her male friend Seunghyo (Kim Young-kwang) for 15 years.

Han Ji-min Happy New Year

During the interview, Han Ji-min talked about the charms of her character Sojin, saying, “I have played characters who receive so much love and who are in two-way relationships throughout my career. Now that being put in a situation of having no choice but to hold back the love to myself, hesitate to confess, and even congratulate a friend on his marriage, I found this a new and attractive acting experience.”

Han Ji-min Happy New Year

Han Ji-min then expressed that she gained lots of experience about one-sided love, saying, “My character has enjoyed being alone since elementary school days. I think she had suffered a hard time being alone and couldn’t express herself. No matter who she likes, she can hardly speak her heart because she’s afraid that she would be rejected or the relationship might become awkward and it would be hard to see each other again”, adding, “If the other person confesses first, she might gain more courage to start a relationship after then.”

Han Ji-min Happy New Year

The actress then laughed and shared, “She will express her feelings when in love, but tend to slow down and hesitate a lot before starting a romantic relationship. While playing Sojin in ‘Happy New Year’, I began to think that I want to be more confident to confess if I like someone before it’s too late.”


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