Han Ji-min, “I debuted as Song Hye-kyo’s child counterpart in ‘All In’ without auditioning”

Han Ji-min revealed the reason for her debut as an actress on “I Like Go Doo-shim”.

On Channel A’s “I Like Go Doo-shim”, which aired on May 29th, Go Doo-shim went on a trip to Gyeongju with her junior actress Han Ji-min.

han ji min

Referring to actor Kim Jung-hwan, Go Doo-shim’s son, Han Ji-min asked, “Did you say okay right away when your son said he was going to act?” Go Doo-shim shook her head, “Absolutely not. There are many actors who can’t even eat rice if they only live as actors in Korea. They make do with instant noodles. That’s what I thought first.”

han ji min

When asked why she became an actress, Han Ji-min replied, “When I attended the audition, I had no talent and was shy. Others wore gorgeous makeup, but I only wore a school uniform. I didn’t have the desire to become an actress at that time. I did it because I was told to do it, so it seems like I wasn’t nervous.”

han ji min

Han Ji-min surprised everyone by confessing, “I debuted as Song Hye-kyo‘s child counterpart in ‘All In’. I was asked to audition, but I didn’t go because my first overseas family trip and the audition overlapped. However, the role wasn’t decided even after the trip, so I went as they told me to come.”

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