Han Ji-min: Debuted as Song Hye-kyo’s child counterpart… Cried every day because she couldn’t act

Actress Han Ji-min recalled her difficult debut days.

Han Ji-min appeared on tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block“, which aired on the evening of July 6th.

Han Ji-min made her full-fledged debut as actress Song Hye-kyo‘s child counterpart in “All In” (2003). At that time, Han Ji-min was 22 years old, one year younger than Song Hye-kyo.

Han Ji-min talked about that time, “I wasn’t good (at acting). I’ve never learned acting. I was so bad at it, but I was lucky enough to debut. I couldn’t proceed with the filming because I did so badly on set. The staff couldn’t sleep and the filming was delayed because of me, so I felt like I was ruining it. It was so hard that I cried every day.

She then confessed, “I was afraid and hated going to the filming site. It was so burdensome because everyone was only looking at me. I got to be self-conscious. I became the worst person on set. I didn’t want to go to the filming site since I became self-deprecating and I hated myself so much.”

In the meantime, she revealed that the work that helped her gain confidence was “Dae Jang Geum”, which was filmed the following year. Han Ji-min said, “It was a big bowl compared to my ability, but I started learning by watching seniors’ acting on set.

Source: daum

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