Park Sol-mi of movie “Handsome” shares, “I will never film a movie with Shin Hyun-joon again”

Actress Park Sol-mi drew attention as she determined to “not film any movie with Shin Hyun-joon”. 

Park Sol-mi told some behind-the-scenes stories about her chemistry with Shin Hyun-joon at the press conference for the movie “Handsome” (directed by Kim Dong-wook) held at Lotte Cinema Konkuk University Entrance in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul on July 6th. 

The two are really close to each other in real life. Park Sol-mi said, “I jokingly said ‘I will never film any movie with you’”, adding “It was because we had so much fun that I couldn’t concentrate on the filming”.

She also expressed her gratitude for Shin Hyun-joon, saying “Acting with Shin Hyun-joon oppa was so interesting and delightful”, adding “There were some disappointing parts during the filming but he was the actor that made me feel ‘Yeah, I want to go to the filming set’”.

Meanwhile, “Handsome”, which will premiere in July, is a comedy film in which detective Noh Mi-nam, who has an inferiority complex about his appearance, gets a shock in his brain because of a car accident then he mistankenly thinks that he has become an idol-class handsome man. 

Source: daum

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