Han Hyo Joo amazes fans with her new appearance with short hairstyle

Actress Han Hyo Joo, who has kept her signature long hair for a really long time, surprised fans with her new transformation. 

Han Hyo Joo aroused keen interest with the new photo she uploaded on her Instagram on November 18th. It’s because of her short hair.

The picture, which was released to promote a jewelry brand, shows the actress looking at the camera and doing various poses. 

Han Hyo Joo pulls off the style even with the unfamiliar short hair. The actress, who is already 36 years old this year, boasts a youthful beauty that reminds netizens of when she was in her early 20s.

Upon seeing Han Hyo Joo’s new transformation, fans began to question the reason the actress, who has kept her long hair through various works, suddenly tried a new style. 

It’s been almost 10 years since the last time Han Hyo Joo was seen with hair that got cut short to around her shoulders. In particular, she had a similar short hairstyle when she starred in the 2013 movie “Cold Eyes”. Therefore, many are guessing that she might have cut her hair due to some important reasons.

As Han Hyo Joo previously confirmed her appearance in Netflix’s film “Believer 2”, a sequel to “Believer”, some people assume that the short hairstyle is for her role in this work. 

In response to Han Hyo Joo’s new image, fans commented, “Wow”, “Short… It’s really short hair!!!”, “She’s pretty even in short hair”, “Short hair suits her so well”, “Han Hyo Joo is so beautiful”, “OMG!”, “Are you doing well with the filming?”, “etc.

“Believer 2”, which was chosen by Han Hyo Joo as her next work, depicts the breathtaking wars between Won Ho (Jo Jin Woong), who is still chasing after the organization led by Lee, and Rak, who went missing, as well as Brian (Cha Seung Won), who reappears in front of them, and the new character Keun Kal (Han Hyo Joo), who knows the truth about Lee’s organization.

“Believer 2” has not set the premiere schedule, but the production team plans to release it next year. 

Source: wikitree

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