KARA is making a long-awaited comeback as a complete group, but it can’t be perfect without Goo Hara 

KARA is gearing up for a comeback after 7 years. 

A new album is set to be released under the name KARA after 7 years. Labeled a full-group comeback, but it’s not perfect. In addition to original members Han Seungyeon and Park Gyuri, Heo Youngji, who was recruited as a new member, Nicole and Kang Jiyoung, who previously left the group, have also returned. However, the absence of Goo Hara, a face who represented Kara, is lamentable.

The reunion that fans thought they would never see is thrilling. But without Goo Hara, it takes a little time for their hearts to accept it.


Furthermore, on November 24, five days before KARA’s comeback, it will be the third anniversary since Goo Hara passed away. As much as everyone is excited about KARA’s comeback, Goo Hara’s absence is still saddening.

KARA will release their special album ‘MOVE AGAIN’ on November 29th to celebrate the 15th anniversary of their debut. The album contains the aspiration to show fans the wonderful appearance of KARA on stage once again.

The album contains a total of 4 songs including the title track ‘WHEN I MOVE’, ‘Happy Hour’, ‘Shout It Out’, and ‘Oxygen’.  The five members participated in producing the album, showing off their sincerity. 

All members wrote the lyrics for ‘Happy Hour’, and for ‘WHEN I MOVE’, Kang Jiyoung participated in composing and writing the lyrics, and Nicole also joined in writing the lyrics. In addition, Nicole participated in the production of ‘Shout It Out’ and Kang Jiyoung is also credited for ‘Oxygen’.

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KARA’s comeback stimulates the nostalgia of those who enjoyed K-pop’s golden age together. KARA was at the center of the heyday of 2nd gen idols.

KARA is a representative Hallyu star. They were the best girl group in Japan at the time, becoming the first Korean girl group to top the Oricon monthly chart, and the first Korean female singer to enter Tokyo Dome. KARA won 5 awards including ‘Artist of the Year’ at the Japanese Golden Disc Awards, and became the first Korean singer to achieve triple platinum (750,000 copies).

As big as KARA was, their activities were not smooth. The members had a conflict with their agency DSP in 2011 over profit distribution. Nicole, Han Seungyeon, and Kang Jiyoung demanded the termination of their contracts. The conflict became more serious as Nicole’s mother was in the middle.

At the time, KARA seemed about to collapse but later resumed their activities with a dramatic agreement. Conflict made them stronger. The song ‘Step’, which announced the resumption of KARA’s activities, topped music charts and sold 100,000 copies.


However, KARA faltered again ahead of their contract renewal season. In 2014, Nicole and Kang Jiyoung left the group one by one. KARA recruited a new member, Heo Youngji, before officially disbanding in 2016.

KARA is a page in K-pop history and a part of numerous fans’ memories. Their return is worth looking forward to, but the vacancy of Goo Hara is still big and upsetting. KARA is complete again, but it can’t be perfect. 

KARA has been confirmed to perform on stage at the ‘2022 MAMA AWARDS’ and continue their activities in Japan this December. Hopefully the members and fans will build many happy memories together.

Source: Naver.

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