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Han Ga In on “My Little Old Boy”, “No skinship for a day if Yeon Jung Hoon comes home 10 minutes late”

Han Ga In shared about the way she and her husband Yeon Jung Hoon showed affection for each other.

On SBS’s “My Little Old Boy”, which aired on November 20th, actress Han Ga In, who is known as “the original nation’s first love”, appeared and revealed honest talks.

As soon as Tony’s mother saw Han Ga In, she sighed and said, “I used to like her a lot. But she suddenly announced that she was going to get married”, drawing laughter.

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Shin Dong Yeop and Seo Jang Hoon were very surprised to see the rest of the mothers also stand up after Han Ga In showed up.

Seo Jang Hoon asked, “You’ve been doing lots of variety shows recently. Was it hard to keep your mystery image back then?”. In response, Han Ga In said, “My company told me not to come out on variety shows. They said my image would be broken if I appeared on TV, so I did not do entertainment activities.”

Shin Dong Yeop asked, “I heard your family members are also afraid of you going on entertainment shows”. Han Ga In said, “My husband kept reading articles about me. He even commented, ‘Oh, when did you say such things?’. Also, when I said I was about to appear on ‘My Little Old Boy’, my mother said, ‘Why do you go there? Can you not appear on ‘My Little Old Boy’? The show is also doing well with ratings’. When I said I’m a broadcast, they reacted, ‘I hope you don’t go out on broadcasts. What are you going to do now?’”, drawing laughter. 

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When asked, “I heard there’s a restriction on doing skinship (physical contact) if Yeon Jung Hoon comes home late”, Han Ga In said, “We did it until our 10th marriage anniversary”. The actress surprised everyone when she explained, “If it was 10 minutes late, there would be no skinship for a day. So, three days of no physical contact for 30 minutes late”.

Han Ga In added, “I think I’m just being late on purpose now”, drawing laughter.

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Seo Jang Hoon then asked, “Yeon Jung Hoon is called ‘one of Korea’s top 3 thieves’ for marrying Han Ga In. Is Yeon Jung Hoon’s love for his will still progressing?”. Han Ga In said, “When Yeon Jung Hoon comes back home, I often say ‘I need to clean my eyes’”

When asked, “When does your husband look handsome?”, Han Ga In said, “Yeon Jung Hoon is not that handsome. He’s not the kind of person with a sculptural face”, drawing laughter. 

Source: Daum

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