Han Ga-in “My 7-year-old daughter said my face was wrong for Aphrodite”

Actress Han Ga-in revealed a story related to her failure to be recognized as “Aphrodite” by her daughter.

MBN’s “Greece Roman Mythology – The Private Life of the Gods”, which aired on Oct 1st, depicted the first meeting of Han Ga-in, Seol Min-seok, Kim Heon and Han Jemma. Mathematics lecturer Jung Seung-je appeared as a guest.

MC Han Ga-in confessed, “Before the recording, when my daughter asked me where I was going, I replied, ‘I’m going to play the role of a goddess today.’ She asked, ‘Goddess? Are you Aphrodite?’ So I said, ‘Yeah. I’m going to play the role of Aphrodite today.'”

She then revealed her daughter’s unexpected reaction, “But my daughter said, ‘Mom’s face is wrong for Aphrodite.’ I was so surprised. My daughter is 7 years old.”

Han Ga-in explained, “She told me to protect the brazier by doing Hestia instead of Aphrodite. She knows everything. I thought I should study hard today.”

Regarding this, the cast was surprised, “How does she know everything? Did you get specialized education?” Han Ga-in shared, “No, my daughter especially liked Greek and Roman mythology. She has read them since she was 5 years old.”

The cast’s responses to this are also overwhelming. Jung Seung-je suggested, “People should do math at the age of 5. It’s the best time to get to know math.” Han Jemma caused laughter by recommending art, “Art is better. Art is perfect.”

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