GOT7 BamBam, Kim Hye Soo, and many celebrities have declared their intention to not marry

“Non-marriage” culture is now being highly discussed on Korean TV, with various celebrities opting for this lifestyle. 

Recently, when talking about marriage on the SBS entertainment program “Master in the House”, GOT7 member BamBam mentioned that he doesn’t plan on getting married. Hearing this, Eun Ji Won and Yang Se Hyung, as well as some viewers, expressed sympathy for BamBam’s conviction.

In addition to BamBam, more and more celebrities are declaring their unwillingness to get married. For example, 2NE1 member Sandara Park openly revealed such a fact through “King of Masked Singers” and “Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant”, while SNSD member Sunny once said on a broadcast that she is going to to stick to non-maritalism until she “become wise later”.


In the past, Kim Hye Soo, Kim Seo Hyung, and Park So Hyun also expressed the idea that “marriage is not essential”, but recently, even the younger generation has clearly expressed their beliefs by declaring that they are not getting married early.

This has nothing to do with the social atmosphere. First of all, the number of couples getting married is decreasing. According to the National Statistical Office, the total number of marriages in 2021 was 192,507, a decrease of 9.8% from the previous year. Also, according to the results of a survey by the National Statistical Office last year, only 22% of unmarried women and 37% of men thought that they must get married. In addition, the perception of marriage, which was considered essential in the past, is also changing naturally.

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On top of that, as idols and even celebrities declare “non-maritalism” and naturally refer to it as an option, positive awareness regarding this matter is also expected to spread further.

Previously, the MBC entertainment program “I Live Alone” began broadcasting amid the increase in single-person households. The program manages to show the positive side of living alone, and is evaluated to have alleviated the somewhat “sad” gaze toward an “alone” daily life. At one time, some people expressed regret at eating alone or going on a trip, but the friendly and sometimes glamorous single life of celebrities have changed the perception toward single-person households.

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In particular, alongside celebrities that declare non-marriage, broadcaster Jaejae confessed that she even had “a non-marriage ceremony,” and won sympathy from many people who follow the same mindset. In particular, she revealed this experience through KBS2’s entertainment program “Problem Child in House” and said, “I gathered my friends and did whatever I wanted.  My peers have conflicting views about marriage. Friends who haven’t married think, ‘How do I get the congratulatory money back?’ That’s why I had a non-wedding ceremony and got it back.”

With the arrival of an era in which marriage is no longer essential, the need for related cultures is also emerging. This is also the reason why more expectations are being focused on the non-marriage culture shown by the media, as well as the positive impacts this portrayal may bring. 

Source: Daum 

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