Goo Jun Yeop ♥ Barbie Hsu revealed kiss selfie + couple tattoo.. brimming newlyweds 

A behind-the-scenes video of Goo Jun Yeop and Barbie Hsu’s pictorial shooting was released. 

On October 6th, fashion magazine Vogue Taiwan posted a video containing behind the scenes photos of Goo Jun Yeop and Barbie Hsu on their official Instagram.

In the video, the couple showed off their affection with unstoppable skinship. At the filming site with a lot of people, the two of them kissed each other while taking selfies, hugging each other’s waists and boasting a sweet atmosphere. In particular, Barbie Hsu is said to have introduced Goo Jun Yeop with a bright smile, saying, “My new husband” to the photographer she met at the filming set.

At the scene, the couple tattoos of Goo Jun Yeop and Barbie Hsu were also revealed. In a photo, the two laced their fingers together, revealing matching tattoos on their ring fingers. It is known that instead of getting wedding rings, they opted for tattoos in a special position, and the matching phrase “Remember Together Forever” can also be found on Goo Jun Yeop’s neck and Barbie Hsu’s collarbone, drawing attention.

Goo Jun Yeop-Barbie Hsu

On the other hand, Goo Jun Yeop and Seo Hee Won dated 20 years ago, reunited after breaking up, and officially tied the knot after registering their marriage in February.

Source: Nate

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