Goo Hye Sun shared heartbreaking news with fans “An angel that was everything to me went to heaven…” 

Goo Hye Sun’s dog that she has been with for a long time, has left this world. 

On September 14, Goo Hye Sun posted a video and photos of her dog on her personal Instagram. She left a tearful caption, saying, “Gamja, an angel, my everything, went to heaven a month ago.”

She said, “It rained very heavily a month ago. I felt sorry to share the news about Gamja during everyone’s difficult time, so I’m letting you know now. Thank you to the fans who loved Gamja.”

She continued, “Gamja will be in my heart forever and ever. I’m grateful to many people who looked at Gamja prettily.”

Finally, Goo Hye Sun expressed her affection for her precious dog that passed away, saying, “I love you Gamja.”

The video and photos Goo Hye Sun posted contain not only the happy daily life of Gamja, but also Gamja’s appearance after it crossed the Rainbow Bridge, breaking fans’ hearts.

Netizens and fans left comments under Goo Hye Sun’s post: “Goodbye, Gamja”, “Rest in peace, Gamja”, “Gamja, we love you”, and “Be strong, Goo Hye Sun”.

Gamja appeared on several TV shows with Goo Hye Sun in the past, and received much love from fans.

Source: Wikitree

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