Goo Hye Sun Shares Her Beliefs as an Actress and Painter, “I Discard My Artworks after Exhibiting Them”

Goo Hye Sun will make her first appearance on “Radio Star” and discuss her beliefs as an actress and painter, including her unique approach to exhibiting her artworks.

MBC’s entertainment program “Radio Star” broadcast scheduled to air on the evening of March 8th will feature Goo Hye Sun, Jung Yi Rang, Lee Eun Ji and Lee Gwang Ki.

go hye sun

Goo Hye Sun, who was known as an ulzzang in the early 2000s, began her acting career with the sitcom “Nonstop 5” and has steadily built her solid filmography by starring in dramas “Boys Over Flowers”, “Ballad of Seodong”, “The King and I”, etc.

Later, she gained recognition as a multi-talented artist by showing off her talents in various fields and even transforming herself into a film director and painter.

Visiting “Radio Star” for the first time, Goo Hye Sun draws attention when revealing her recent status as a “latecomer college student”. The actress, who is still in her 4th year of college at the age of 40, tells a funny story of how she gets called “Teacher Goo” by professors in her department. She then reveals that she has become a “doctorate” in her field by studying “this” in order to communicate and socialize with college friends and juniors, who are 20 years younger than her.

go hye sun

In addition, Goo Hye Sun also shares behind-the-scenes stories about her representative work “Boys Over Flowers” on the show. She, who revealed that mental stress was worse than physical struggles during the filming, attracts attention when she mentions her famous lines in the drama, saying “I get teased for my cheesy lines in the drama and I can’t agree with it”.

Goo Hye Sun also confesses that there is a legendary meme that resurfaces every winter for the past 14 years due to drama fans’ huge love for “Boys Over Flowers,” and reveals the story of how that meme was created, causing a stir in the filming studio. In addition, she summons the legendary ‘crying selfie’ and telling that she makes one for a historical drama, adding to the viewers’ curiosity.

As an active painter, Gu Hye Sun also unveils her artwork worth up to 50 million won on “Radio Star.” She makes everyone curious by saying that she usually discards her artworks after exhibiting them. Viewers also wonder what Gu Hye Sun has mastered to become friends with MZ generation college students as the “Year 11 student at the age of 40.” This episode will air on March 8th at 10:30 p.m.

Source: Daum

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