Go Joon-hee To Directly Explain About Her ‘Burning Sun Hostess Rumor’ On YouTube

Actress Go Joon-hee opens up about her recent rumors related to Burning Sun.

The 15th episode of the web entertainment show “Don’t forget your breakfast 2” was recently posted on the YouTube channel “STUDIO SUZE” with the trailer for the next episode featuring actress Go Joon-hee’s appearance.

In the trailer, host Jang Seong-gyu asked about Go’s recent rumors and the actress coolly asked back, “What kind of rumor are you talking about? There are so many rumors about me.” Then, Jang Seong-gyu mentioned “Burning Sun,” saying, “Recently covered by the BBC…” and specifically asked, “Didn’t your name just become one of the hot related search terms?” In response, Go carefully said, “To be honest with you,…” arousing curiosity.

go jun hee

Earlier in September 2021, Go Joon-hee was rumored to be related to “Burning Sun.” She denied the rumors and hinted at a strong legal response. Her legal representative stressed, “The recent rumor that Go Joon-hee is a Burning Sun’s serving actress is not true at all, and it is just a provocative false information created by malicious YouTubers and netizens.”

Meanwhile, a documentary by the BBC, which shed light on the 2019 Burning Sun incident, was recently released. On May 19, BBC News released a new documentary titled “K-pop scandals: Exposing the secret chat groups” on YouTube, making Go’s rumors re-examined by netizens.

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