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Girls’ Generation’s variety show “So Shi Tam Tam” reached its all-time low rating of 0%

Even with their extraordinary entertainment skills, Girls’ Generation couldn’t save the low ratings. 

According to Nielsen Korea on August 17th, episode 7 of JTBC’s reality show “So Shi Tam Tam”, which aired on August 16th, recorded a nationwide rating of 0.7%, the lowest since its premiere. 

This is a 0.4% drop from the 1.1% recorded for the last broadcast. Previously, “So Shi Tam Tam” ratings started with 1.2%, and dropped to the lowest of 0.8% in episode 4 aired on July 26th. 

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Girls’ Generation‘s own variety show “So Shi Tam Tam” to celebrate the 15th anniversary of their debut received great expectations but has been showing disappointing results without breaking out of the 1-0% viewership ratings.

However, Girls’ Generation members’ relationship and sense of humor as shown in the show still stand out. In particular, in episode 7, Tiffany talked candidly about the 10 years she worked without rest as Girls’ Generation and the last 5 years she spent entirely for herself. Tiffany expressed her sincerity, saying, “I’m just grateful that we each had a good time and that now we’re here.”

soshi tamtam

Behind-the-scenes stories of Girls’ Generation’s 10th anniversary fan meeting in 2017, which was full of emotions ahead of their hiatus, were also revealed. The members did not doubt that they would gather again, but they were cautious to make any promise for fear that they would disappoint their fans by giving them false hope. 

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