Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon reveals the reason why she recently lost about 9 kg 

Hyoyeon lost 8 to 9 kg on a diet. Here’s why she did it. 

Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon guested on SBS Power FM’s radio “Choi Hwa-jung’s Power Time” on May 17th to promote her solo comeback mini album “DEEP.”


Hyoyeon was wearing a crop top and mini skirt, showing off her toned body and tiny waist. DJ Choi Hwa Jung then praised Hyoyeon’s beauty and asked her, “How many kilos did you lose?” Hyoyeon then shared how she became skinnier, “I was obsessed with late-night snacks for a long time. So I reached my heaviest weight and thought this was not good. At the time, I was promoting with GOT the Beat members, and they were all skinny. It made me think I shouldn’t be like this. That’s why I lost a lot of weight. I lost 8 to 9 kg.”


When Choi Hwa Jung said, “Your face doesn’t look like the tired face of someone who has lost 8 to 9 kg,” Hyoyeon laughed and said, “But I look a little more tired than before.”

Hyoyeon made a comeback as a soloist with her first mini album “DEEP” and the title track of the same name on May 16th. 

Source: Nate

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