Giorgio Armani Beauty selected NewJeans Hanni as global ambassador

NewJeans Hanni signed a new contract!

Italian couture beauty Giorgio Armani Beauty announced that it has selected Hanni, a member of the girl group NewJeans, as its global ambassador.


NewJeans is a group that draws attention for its unique concept, style, and performance, and is showing various charms by creating a sensation right after their debut.

NewJeans Hanni, which is catching the attention of global fans with her unique concept, started with the campaign of Power Fabric Plus Foundation, Armani Beauty’s representative product, and worked with Cate Blanchett, Sidney Sweeney, Tessa Thompson, and Barbara Palvin to develop Armani Beauty’s global presence. 


NewJeans Hanni said, “As a fan of Armani Beauty, I am very happy and honored to be selected as a global ambassador,” she said.

In the photo released along with the news of her ambassador appointment, Hanni drew attention with her smooth skin using Armani Beauty To Go Cushion. Hanni, who has usually shown a pure image, showed another charm by perfectly digesting the sophisticated and edgy look that Armani Beauty pursues.


Armani Beauty’s new global ambassador, Hanni, is expected to be active in several global campaigns in the future and well express the female image that Armani Beauty pursues.

Source: daum

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