(G)I-DLE’s Soyeon punched the camera for TOMBOY’s “ending fairy”: Here’s what happened to her hand later 

Soyeon’s badass ending fairy moment for TOMBOY also makes netizens think of Olivia Rodrigo at the VMAs. 

After Soojin‘s departure, (G)I-DLE recently made a comeback after a long break with their first full album I NEVER DIE and the title track TOMBOY. (G)I-DLE‘s first comeback stage for TOMBOY at Mnet’s M!Countdown is drawing much attention because of leader Soyeon’s special “ending fairy” moment. 

(G)I-DLE – TOMBOY – Comeback Stage

Specifically, after completing the performance, instead of posing at the camera for an ending fairy moment like other K-pop idols, Soyeon decided to punch the camera and smash its glass. She and other members then posed one by one in front of the broken camera. After (G)I-DLE’s stage was broadcast, Soyeon’s ending quickly went viral on social media platforms. 

However, the consequence of Soyeon’s ending is that her hand was injured. Soyeon later revealed that she had to have her hand bandaged. Although fans all love the ending, they hope that Soyeon will not hurt herself on stage again. 

(G)IDLE Soyeon
Soyeon’s injured hand

Soyeon punching the camera also reminds netizens of Olivia Rodrigo’s iconic camera-shattering performance at the 2021 VMAs. Most fans are excited about the resemblance in the rebellious “Gen Z energy” of Soyeon and Olivia, but there are some netizens who think Soyeon was trying to copy Olivia

Olivia RodrigoVMAs 2021
Olivia Rodrigo smashed the camera with her fist at the 2021 VMAs 

Some comments from netizens:

  • Will Cube have to pay Mnet for the broken camera? 
  • She reminds me of Olivia Rodrigo at the VMAs.
  • Olivia is that you? 
  • Soyeon is the coolest
  • Soyeon really said “Forget about the ending fairy, I’m gonna punch the camera instead.”
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