(G)I-DLE Yuqi reveals a touching message Kim Se Jeong sent her during her most difficult time

That’s why Kim Se Jeong is always loved for her good personality.

Recently, Yuqi ((G)I-DLE) revealed a text message Kim Se Jeong sent her before. It is known that when returning to China to work last year, Yuqi repeatedly showed that she missed the members. The busy schedule and being alone makes the female idol quite tired. Maybe this is why Sejeong sent her a message. The message from idol-actress Se Jeong is as follows:



Even though we don’t know each other very well and aren’t very close, I don’t know if you mind after I see your story and I text you like this. 

But Yuqi-ah, I want to say that Yuqi I know is a little girl that will do good job. After getting through this time and looking back, you’ll be able to smile at what you’ve learned, that this situation was nothing. Then you will grow from the experience, and strangely learn to compromise despite the bitterness, right?

I know you are having a hard time. But I think you can get through it, you have the strength to deal with them.

Although there are many hardships, I hope you will get better and better.

Please try harder. You’re doing great and I’ll always be cheering for you!”

Kim Se Jeong

Yuqi responded on her Instagram story and tagged Se Jeong:

“I don’t know how to check DMs so I just saw this message today. Sejeong unnie sent me a message. Look TT.TT isn’t this an angel? This message is from last year. But I want everyone to know TT.TT Sejeong unnie is an angel. I’m so touched, what should I do TT.TT I’ll do my best. Unnie, thank you for giving me strength. I will also support you a lot. You are the best!”

Kim Se Jeong is always praised for her nice and hardworking personality. Recently, she has successfully completed the drama project “Business Proposal“, asserting herself as a talented actress. 


Meanwhile, the 5 members of (G)I-DLE recently made a comeback with I NEVER DIE after a long time of hiatus due to Soojin’s big scandal that happened last year, which threatened the whole group’s career.

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