(G)I-DLE Soyeon, “Yuqi will shave her head if we top the Billboard chart”

Miyeon, Soyeon, and Yuqi of girl group (G)I-DLE appeared on “Cultwo Show” and discussed their latest title “Queencard”.

On the May 31st episode of “Cultwo Show”, (G)I-DLE Miyeon, Soyeon, and Yuqi appeared as special guests and introduced their new album while having a conversation.


Here, DJ Kim Tae Kyun welcomed (G)I-DLE and said, “The new song has caused a sensation.” Meanwhile, special DJ Han Hae introduced them by saying, “They achieved not only the top spot on the music charts but also won 6 cups on music shows, achieving their first grand slam. Last week, they topped all the music shows.”

When Kim Tae Kyun remarked, “You must be too busy with your activities to enjoy such things”, (G)I-DLE replied, “Nevertheless, we are enjoying it. We are very happy. We are having an internal party. Our fans also love it, so we are really happy.”

Han Hae then mentioned the fact that (G)I-DLE are ranked 41st on the Billboard main chart, to which Soyeon surprised everyone by saying, “If we top the Billboard chart, Yuqi will shave her head”.


Soyeon then mentioned the hard work of Neverlands (fans of (G)I-DLE), to which Yuqi jabbed that it’s enough to work until 2nd place, drawing laughter. 

Meanwhile, regarding their latest title song “Queencard”, Soyeon introduced it by saying, “It’s our pride song. We boast (about it) from beginning to end. It’s a song where I’m so cool and so beautiful, I’m the best. It reflects our personalities. It’s a song about loving oneself.” Hearing this, Han Hae responded, “The members always love themselves, and it seems very natural.”

Afterwards, Kim Tae Kyun inquired about how the members treat each other, to which (G)I-DLE confidently joked , “We each think we’re the best. We don’t acknowledge each other. Deep down, we all think we’re the best.” 


Soyeon then went on to explain the meaning of “Queencard”, saying, “It’s a word that doesn’t exist in English-speaking countries. But I found that ‘Konglish’ term very amusing. I thought it’d be nice if the world can use such a term, which was previously only used in Korea.” (Konglish here refers to a combination of Korean and English).

In addition, as the creator of “Queencard”, Soyeon revealed, “I drew a lot of inspiration from Yuqi while making this song. I was inspired by her personality and way of speaking“. In response, Yuqi said, “I honestly wonder what’s the point of living if you don’t have confidence. You have to love yourself first”.  

Finally, as Kim Tae Kyun asked, “When did you start having such high self-esteem?”, Yuqi made everyone laugh by replying, “Since I was 0 years old, from the moment I was born. My mom has played that kind of music since she was pregnant. I feel like I remember something”.

Source: Daum

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