Geum Bi, a member of the mixed-gender group Turtles, announces her marriage to a non-celebrity businessman who is 6 years older than her

Geum Bi, a member of the famous mixed-gender group Turtles, will get married.

Citing multiple entertainment officials, Sports Chosun reported on March 4th, “Geum Bi will marry a businessman who is 6 years older than her on March 13th”.

It is rumored that Geum Bi has been preparing for her wedding very carefully in consideration of the groom who is a non-celebrity and the Covid-19 pandemic situation.


Meanwhile, Geum Bi made her debut in the four-member mixed group Leka in 2001 then debuted as a member of Turtles in 2003. Turtles received huge love after releasing the mega-hit song “Airplane” and even won first place in music shows.

However, on April 2nd, 2008, leader Turtleman suddenly died of a heart attack, then Geum Bi also stopped all her broadcasting activities due to extreme depression. Geum Bi even considered announcing her retirement, but then gained back her courage and returned as a soloist in 2010 through Insooni’s concert. In 2011, the trio group was reorganized, but the team got disbanded again after 5 months due to complex problems and completely disappeared from the entertainment industry.


8 years later, in 2019, Geum Bi returned to showbiz. She founded GB Entertainment and is active as an actress and MC for an economical channel. 

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