G-Dragon’s sister revealed the face of her son who is said to resemble his uncle

Kwon Da-mi showed the face of her son whom she said looked like her brother G-Dragon in his childhood days.

On March 4th, Kwon Da-mi uploaded a photo on her Instagram story with a short text “Eden”. The released photo showed her son Eden, who was born last month. Eden has already shown some facial features and atmosphere that make him look like his uncle G-Dragon, captivating the hearts of “online aunts”. Especially, Eden’s smart eyes and cute hands caught the attention of netizens.

G-Dragon nephew Eden

Earlier, Kwon Da-mi said, “Yesterday, he looked like his uncle, but he looks like his dad today. It’s so interesting seeing the baby’s face change little by little every day. My baby”, revealing that her son’s appearance resembled G-Dragon and Kim Min-joon by half and half.

G-Dragon nephew Eden

Fans have already shown lots of interest in the current situation of G-Dragon and his cute nephew Eden. As much as how netizens pay attention to Eden as he is G-Dragon’s nephew, they also hope to see the baby’s growth process.

G-Dragon nephew Eden

Meanwhile, Kwon Da-mi and Kim Min-joon married in 2019 and gave birth to their first child on the 4th of last month. Finally becoming parents after three years of their marriage, Kwon Da-mi and Kim Min-joon received lots of congratulations and blessings. Kwon Da-mi is currently running as a fashion editing brand.

G-Dragon nephew Eden
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