G-Dragon’s bleached hair might have destroyed his visuals at Chanel’s fashion show?

Many people believed that G-Dragon would look way more stunning without his bleached hair.

The 2022/23 Chanel Cruise Show officially started on May 5th in the Netherlands, and here, the famous BIGBANG leader G-Dragon was the center of attention. While the male idol was looking quite stunning in his airport appearance, his newest look could be better without one particular thing. 


G-Dragon’s fashion did not disappoint the high anticipation, and did somewhat embody the Chanel style. However, the idol’s hair was a different story…


He would look way better in a more proper hairstyle. While the mullet looked great on G-Dragon, the bleach made his hair frizzy and his black roots were showing. 


G-Dragon looked quite trendy in pearl accessories that clicked with the summertime. The idol successfully mixed a blue cardigan with black jeans and a mini Dior bag. The outfit, while not super unique, was fitting for a cruise show. 


Some comments from netizens: 

  • G-Dragon’s style seems to be regressing… The new outfit is too safe, while his hair ruins things even more.
  • Could be a nice mix & match but not with that hair
  • Why is it that he looked super fashionable at the airport but not at the actual event? What happened to his hair?
  • Can someone edit an actual hairstyle on him please?
  • His clothes look trendy, but his hair is pretty meh. 

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