From TWICE to NCT, these children grew up to be famous K-pop idols 

Are you curious what your favorite K-pop star looked like when they were little? 

To celebrate Children’s Day in Korea on May 5th, various K-pop idols such as Twice, NCT, and aespa shared photos of their childhood on SNS.

TWICE celebrated this year’s Children’s Day by recreating their childhood photos and putting them side by side. All 9 members wore the same outfits and did the same poses as their childhood selves for a 2022 version, melting fans’ hearts with how cute they look both then and now.  


NCT’s Johnny took to Instagram to share with fans a series of his adorable baby pictures. Fans are loving little boy Johnny’s mischievous smile, which feels totally different from his current chic and manly image.


The childhood photo released by NCT/WayV’s ​​Ten also draws attention. Ten looks like a doll in cute clothes with a pink hat and his big, sparkly eyes. 


aespa’s Giselle also released several pictures when she was a kid. The photo where baby Giselle was holding a large umbrella on her own is especially cute. 


Stray Kids’ I.N and Seungmin each uploaded photos from their childhood and wrote “Only age that has changed” and “Baby Minnie”. I.N’s handsome looks since childhood, and Seungmin’s cute, round appearance capture fans’ hearts. 


Jisun‘s childhood photos, which were released through Fromis 9‘s official Instagram, also gained fans’ attention. She has boasted a unique fashion sense since childhood.

WJSN’s Exy and Subin also shared their baby pictures.  Exy showed her unique talent when she was just a toddler, while Subin proves her charming eye smile has never changed.  



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