G-Dragon on Vogue Korea, “As a public figure, I need to stay aware of current issues”

Pictorials containing G-Dragon’s charisma have been released.

On June 15th, Vogue Korea uploaded two photoshoot cuts of G-Dragon taken in France. In the caption, they added part of G-Dragon’s interview, “As a public figure, I need to stay aware and educated about current issues directly and indirectly. In this way, I can stay motivated and absorb influences. I’m also curious about what’s happening here and now (laughs)”, arousing curiosity.

bigbang g-dragon vogue

They added, “An artist that always leaves us wanting for more, a figure that portrays the most creative version of the present. An interview with G-Dragon and Vogue, that resembles of his gentle voice and a brilliant summer day in Paris. Tap the link in our bio or visit to meet G-Dragon’s full editorial and interview in Korean and English.”

bigbang g-dragon vogue

In particular, the titles for both photos were sent to Vogue Korea directly by G-Dragon and they contain his own stories, drawing attention. The first picture with roses on his face is called “La vie est belle (Life is Beautiful)” and the second one in black and white is titled “Aux mille nuits (Over a thousand nights)”. 

bigbang g-dragon vogue

Meanwhile, G-Dragon was embroiled in dating and breakup rumors with singer Jennie, who is under the same agency as him. In particular, Jennie caused a stir as she was recently rumored to be dating BTS’s V but she did not reveal any position on the issue.

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