G-Dragon Finds A New Agency After Leaving YG? He Appears Among Warner Music’s Artists

It is rumored that BIG BANG’s G-Dragon has joined Warner Music

According to the media on September 28th, G-Dragon is believed to have recently visited Warner Music’s office in Los Angeles, California. According to photos taken by fans, Warner Records welcomed G-Dragon by putting up an electronic display showing G-Dragon’s photos with the message “Welcome”.

Warner Music is an American record label. It is currently one of the top three major labels in the world.

The news of G-Dragon joining Warner Music also spread to various SNS sites and online communities and aroused keen attention. Many people tried searching for Warner Music and found G-Dragon’s name listed among artists under the music label. However, some argue that every speculation is meaningless until an official announcement is released because anyone can edit online profiles.

G-Dragon has been working on his new album since the beginning of 2023. While waiting for G-Dragon’s solo comeback after a long time, fans are also looking forward to seeing whether he will sign with Warner Music to promote his music around the world.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon’s exclusive contract with YG Entertainment, the company he had been with since his debut, expired in June. At that time, YG said their exclusive contract with G-Dragon had ended but they would cooperate with G-dragon with a separate contract if he resumed music activities.

Not only fans but the public are also waiting to see G-Dragon appear on the stage and perform his music as soon as possible.

Source: Nate

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