From TWICE Nayeon to (G)I-DLE Miyeon, these idols have found their own true colors that is different from their groups’

Idols who were mostly active in their groups began to find their identities. They might be lively, dark, and sexy, but in their own songs. As such, “Idols and artists are not alike” has become an old saying.

Many idol singers who debut as solo are making great achievements with solid performance. Taeyeon, the leader of girl group Girls’ Generation, has built up her own solid discography as a solo artist. Following her footstep, in the first half of 2022, many idols are actively doing their solo activities.

Different charms from their groups, TWICE Nayeon → (G)I-DLE Miyeon

(G)IDLE Miyeon

Miyeon released her first solo album “MY” in April. “MY” is a double-meaning title that encompasses the abbreviations “M” and “Y” from Miyeon’s name and the meaning of “Me,” showing how this is an album filled with Miyeon-ness. Unlike the music of (G)I-DLE who have mostly performed intense hip-hop sound songs such as “Latata” and “Tomboy,” “MY” contains a refreshing and cool feeling. In particular, the title track “Drive” is a song that depicts young souls who keep their colors and mindset to go straight for what they aim for without hesitation. The song is also a pledge to shout out at the new starting point of solo artist Mi-yeon, as well as a message of support to us who are firmly protecting ourselves in difficulties. Lyrics such as “Run through this city with your back to the gray world” and “Go anywhere my heart wants, for me” reminds listeners of a cool drive across the wind, telling us that we can be free from everything that suppresses us.

TWICE Nayeon

Nayeon, who debuted as a member of TWICE in 2015, recently made her first solo debut with the album “IM NAYEON.” The album title means “IM NAYEON,” which is her fill name, and “I’m NAYEON,” at the same time. This shows how Nayeon’s attractive posture, capability, and confidence can be explained by her name alone. Her title track, “Pop!”, is a pop song in which live instrument sounds such as bass, guitar, and horn convey strong energy, portraying a confident and fascinating message to pop the other person’s heart that has swelled like a bubble.

LOVELYZ Lee Soo-jung and BTS J-Hope, Upcoming new paths!

Lee Sujeong Jhope

There are some idols who have either been promoting as a member of their group for a long time or announced a new start after their team disbanded. Baby Soul, who was a member of LOVELYZ, changed her name to Lee Soo-jung and announced the start of her career as a solo singer. The title song “Walk The Moon” of her album “My Name”, which was released in April, is a fantastic expression of her message of hope for a new start through the medium of the moon. The song means to start anew with yourself after a dark time, just like how a new morning comes after the moon sets. Lee Soo-jung’s hopeful atmosphere is definitely drawing attention.

Lee su jeong

In BTS, who recently announced a postponement in their group activities and a start of individual activities, member J-Hope will be the first soloist. The album “Jack In The Box,” which will be released on July 15th, is an album containing J-Hope’s ambition to break the existing framework and show his growth through his own music world and unique charm. Earlier, he released “Chicken Noodle Soup (feat. Becky G)” in collaboration with American singer and actor Becky G. Attention is focusing on what his solo album this time will look like as his dynamic performance had made headlines at the time.

JHope thumbnail

Growing step by step, Jo Yuri from IZ*ONE

Jo Yu-ri released her first mini-album, “Op.22 Y-Waltz: in Major”, on Jun 2nd. In this album, she expressed her flexible attitude toward ordinary daily happenings as waltz. “Y-Waltz” in the name of the album contains Jo Yu-ri’s initial “Y”, which also means “Why”. This can be understood as an interpretation of why she dances. The title song “Love Shhh!” shows Jo Yu-ri in a music video that is just like a high-teen movie, where she shows her charm by suddenly dancing in the city center, spending time in the wrong place, and giving no care about her past love.

jo yu ri

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