From “Producers” to “Hotel Del Luna”, IU’s K-drama wardrobes are mesmerizing 

IU turns her K-dramas into a fashion show. 

IU not only impresses viewers with her acting and beauty whenever she takes on a new K-drama role, but also captures hearts with her on-screen fashion. IU and her styling team always make sure she is dressed the most beautifully and suits the characters well. Here are three examples. 

1. Hotel Del Luna

Hotel Del Luna” is the drama where IU left the strongest impression visually. In fact, “Hotel Del Luna” is often listed among K-dramas with the best fashion. Within 16 episodes, IU wore 122 different outfits, all from high-end brands. Because her character has lived for more than 1000 years, going through many historical eras, she also wore outfits that reflect the timeline change, from Hanbok to vintage and modern ones. In any period, IU as Jang Man Wol exudes the same luxurious and confident aura.

2. THE Producers

In “THE Producers”, IU plays Cindy, a famous female idol. She was dressed in eye-catching outfits, boasting the fancy, unapproachable aura of a celebrity and true to Cindy’s nickname “Ice princess”. IU’s chic, cold charm and pretty fashion helped her nail her role.

3. Moon Lovers

Unlike the two dramas mentioned above, “Moon Lovers” is mainly set in the historical context, so IU wore hanbok most of the time and she once again turned every scene into a fashion show. The hanboks worn by IU are mainly bright colors with innovative designs, looking both fashionable and historically accurate. In addition, the freshness of IU’s hanboks also makes her stand out, as her character travels back from modern times.

Source: K14

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