From Cha Joo Young to Lim Ji Yeon: Fierce battle of 1990-born actresses for the top spot 

Actresses born in 1990 are dominating the broadcasting industry, with many notable faces, ranging from Cha Joo Young to Lim Ji Yeon. 

There has been a fierce competition among actresses born in 1990 recently, as they are either appearing in ongoing K-dramas or preparing for their next projects.

Cha Joo-young

First, there are Lim Ji Yeon and Cha Joo Young, who recently created memorable characters in the hit Netflix series “The Glory”. Here, Lim Ji Yeon transformed into a villainous image by playing a school bully turned weathercaster, who torments female lead Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo). Meanwhile, Cha Joo Young assumed the role of Choi Hye Jeong, one of the other bullies and a complex character who is overlooked within the villain group.

After “The Glory,” Cha Joo Young was the first to return to the screen with her next project. She is currently playing Jang Se Jin, the head of a secretary office in the KBS2 weekend drama “The Real Has Come!” With an atmosphere 180 degrees different from her previous role, Cha Joo Young started off strong with a 17.7% viewership rating for the first episode.

lim ji yeon

Meanwhile, Lim Ji Yeon has been the center of attention not only for her acting, but also for her fashion in “The Glory”. As a result, she has been chosen as a model for various brands such as beauty medical devices and games, proving her status as a trendsetter. She is also confirmed to appear in tvN’s “A House with a Yard” and SBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama “National Death Penalty Vote”, which are scheduled to air in the first and second half of 2023, respectively.

Yoona, born in 1990, an actress and member of the group Girls’ Generation, is also set to work with Lee Jun Ho in JTBC’s “King the Land”. The drama depicts the romance between Koo Won (played by Lee Jun Ho), a heir to a conglomerate who cannot bear insincere smiles, and Cheon Sa Rang (Yoona), a hotelier “angel” who always has to smile brightly.

Expectations are high for Yoona, who has already proven her acting skills in the movie “Confidential Assignment 2: International” and the drama “Big Mouth”, to show her romantic comedy side in this new project.

im soo hang

Im Soo Hyang, who starred in the recently concluded MBC drama “Kokdu: Season of Deity”, was also born in 1990. “Kokdu: Season of Deity” revolves around the god of death, Kokdu, who descends to the human world every 99 years to punish humans, and a mysterious doctor, Han Gye Jeol, with special abilities.

In the drama, Im Soo Hyang played the cheerful and lively doctor Han Gye Jeol and her past life character, Seol Hee, earning praise for her dual role performance as she moved between past and present lives. Im Soo Hyang, who is celebrating her 15th debut anniversary this year, is expected to return with her next project after some preparation.


Finally, Kang So Ra, who successfully transformed her acting in the drama “Strangers Again” which ended in February, is also noteworthy. In “Strangers Again”, Kang So Ra played Oh Ha Ra, a divorce lawyer who is a professional at handling other people’s divorces but clumsy at her own, depicting a delicate emotional line in a “divorce romance” with her ex-husband, Gu Eun Beom (Jang Seung Jo).

After getting married in 2020 and going through pregnancy and childbirth, Kang So Ra took a break from acting for a while. However, she successfully transformed her acting with “Strangers Again” and caught the attention of the audience. Kang So Ra is also reportedly carefully considering her next project.

Source: Daum

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