Freezia’s father and younger brother dismissed her plastic surgery rumors with outstanding “visual DNA”

The father and younger brother of Song Ji-ah (YouTuber Freezia), who received a lot of love thanks to Netflix’s “Single’s inferno”, dismissed her plastic surgery rumors at once.

Song Ji-ah graduated from Hanyang University’s Korean Contemporary Dance Department, and she is working as a fashion brand model cum beauty YouTuber. In particular, she has gained global popularity by appearing on Netflix’s “Single’s inferno“. As Song Ji-ah is loved a lot like the word “HOT’s humanization”, questions about her background are also growing.

Recently, interest has also spread to her family. As Song Ji-ah often shows off her extreme beauty, she has been embroiled in plastic surgery rumors. However, Song Ji-ah’s father, who was recently revealed through online communities, was enough to dismiss these rumors.

Freezia's father and younger brother

This photo was posted by Song Ji-ah in celebration of his father’s birthday, showing an affectionate father-daughter couple. Song Ji-ah’s father boasted his handsome visual that was comparable to an actor’s. He boasted extraordinary features such as thick eyebrows, big eyes and tall nose while Song Ji-ah showed her hot beauty as if she had inherited her father’s visual DNA.

Besides, Song Ji-ah once released a photo taken with her younger brother through SNS in 2019. She seemed to have visited her younger brother when he was serving in the military. Song Ji-ah, who exuded a sexy charm with a see-through costume, and her younger brother, whose visual was as great as hers, drew everyone’s attention.

Freezia's father and younger brother

Recently, interest in Song Ji-ah’s house is also rising. Song Ji-ah had time to introduce the house she moved to through YouTube on Dec 26th, 2021, and it is known that she moved to one of the most luxurious apartments in Seongsu-dong. The fact that many celebrities are living in this apartment made headlines.

Meanwhile, Song Ji-ah is expected to continue her successful journey by appearing on JTBC’s “Knowing Brothers” and MBC’s “Point of Omniscient Interfere”.

Freezia's father and younger brother


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