Former YG Trainee Exposes Disparity in Treatment Among Trainees

Former YG trainee Maydoni recently shed light on the contrasting treatment received by trainees based on their backgrounds.

Behind the scenes of the glamorous entertainment industry, a darker reality often unfolds, marked by hierarchy and inequality. Recent revelations of former YG trainee Maydoni (born 1991) highlight the challenges faced by K-pop idol trainees. 

Maydoni, one of the earliest female trainees at YG Entertainment, experienced firsthand the stark difference in treatment between staff members and trainees from affluent backgrounds. 


Initially, she received attentive care from the company’s employees. However, she noticed a gradual change in their attitude when richer trainees began entering the company. Maydoni recalls how their behavior shifted, leaving her feeling neglected and undervalued.

The privileged trainees, Maydoni observed, garnered more attention from mentors and staff. The sudden influx of trainees with rich backgrounds seemed to alter the dynamics within the company. 

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As a result, the concerns of the company’s staff became increasingly focused on these individuals, while other trainees received diminishing support and guidance. 


In addition to the disparities based on wealth, Maydoni also spoke about the strict hierarchical system that governed interactions among trainees. According to her, regardless of age, trainees who joined later were expected to bow and greet those who arrived earlier. 

However, Maydoni’s encounter with a new trainee shattered the illusion of this hierarchy. Despite joining YG after her, this trainee failed to acknowledge Maydoni’s presence. The incident not only highlighted the inconsistencies within the hierarchical structure but also left Maydoni feeling perplexed.


The differential treatment experienced by Maydoni had a profound impact on her self-esteem. She left YG in 2007 after 2 years of training. 

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