Former Wanna One Member Park Ji Hoon Has Been Accused Of Cheating On Ex-Girlfriend With An AfreecaTV BJ

Currently, the management company of male idol Park Ji Hoon has yet to make an official statement about the series of allegations.

Referring to Park Ji Hoon, netizens must immediately think of the male idol with the legendary wink in Produce 101 season 2, who won to debut as a Wanna One member.  After the group disbanded, Park Ji Hoon is currently doing solo activities and working hard on filming. He has a lovely appearance with a docile, pure, and scandal-free image. But recently, the male idol has been caught up in the suspicion of cheating on his girlfriend, spending tens of millions of KRW on a BJ (broadcast jockey who shows off her body.)

It all started with an anonymous tip on Twitter.  A user received a text message from someone claiming to be Park Ji Hoon’s ex-girlfriend (temporarily called A).  Accordingly, ‘A’ suspected that during the dating period, the male idol used the name ‘Jung Hyun Ho’ to commit adultery.  ‘A’ also attached photos taken from her video call with Park Ji Hoon as proof that she once dated the male idol. 

‘A’ said she was Park Ji Hoon’s real girlfriend, not an ‘online-love’ relationship. Before going to Hawaii, the male idol visited ‘A’’s house and pretended not to cheat on her. After the male idol returned, ‘A’ discovered that he had sent 8 million KRW (about $6,980) worth of star balloons over two months, as well as bought that BJ an iPhone and couple cases. Meanwhile, Park Ji Hoon only bought his ex-girlfriend a watch with a much lower value.

‘A’ continued to accuse Park Ji Hoon of spending a lot of money on other girls and often going to nightclubs with female trainees, “He bought it for her. It doesn’t compare to the money he sent her. I think he just spends money on girls without thinking. It wasn’t too long after we broke up that he would take trainee girls to Octagon (nightclub.) He would order bottles of alcohol that cost ₩2.00 million (about $1,750) and stuff.”

‘A’ claimed that Jung Hyun Ho is Park Ji Hoon’s ‘other self’ because he always used that name to book taxis or “virtual reality” game rooms.  Park Ji Hoon’s ex-girlfriend then continued to send pictures taken at the male idol’s house and affirmed that all of his fans would recognize it.

‘A’ ended the conversation by announcing why she decided to expose the male idol, saying:  “Now when I’ve said it all, I feel like I’m going crazy. I was always thinking about whether to expose or keep it to myself. I was drunk yesterday, so I texted to expose him, but now I feel much more refreshed… 

It looked like they were friends on Facebook, so I did a little investigation. But I got blocked, so I decided to forget about it. I only wanted an apology at first, but now he seems to feel threatened by me. Thus, I understand that he had cheated on me. I wanted an explanation and a sincere apology from him. But now he’s ignoring me, which annoys me. I had feelings for Park Ji Hoon, so I didn’t say anything at that time, even when the name Jung Hyun Ho reappeared. I used to think I would endure this pain and move on, but now I can’t do ít anymore.” 

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The rumor that Park Ji Hoon had an affair is currently making headlines. Meanwhile, the male idol’s management company has yet to release any statement about the incident. 

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