Former SNSD Jessica Jung excitedly prepare for re-debut in Chinese girl group: full of playfulness

Jessica, who is appearing on an audition program in China, which aims to re-debut a girl group, shared her recent status with a colleague.

On June 29th, Chinese star Zhang Xinyi posted on the SNS platform Weibo photos of her daily life, which featured colleagues who are appearing on the Chinese audition show “Sisters Who Make Waves 3”.

Jessica Jung re-debut in Chinese girl group

In particular, the photos include participants of the show, from Zhang Xinyi, Jessica Jung, Wang Yixuan, and Zhang Li. Zhang Xinyi and Jessica also expressed their extraordinary friendship by taking a selfie together with funny expressions and poses.

In another photo, Jessica posed with her arms and legs outstretched and posed as if occupying the stage, causing laughter. Jessica also closed her eyes, leading to fans joking that Jessica was sleeping and Wang Yixuan commenting that she needed a microphone to wake Jessica up. 

Jessica Jung re-debut in Chinese girl group

“Sisters Who Make Waves” is a popular Chinese program with an audition format, where female stars in their 30s or older compete to re-debut as a girl group. Other than Jessica and famous Chinese stars like Wu Jinyan, Zhang Xinyi, Wang Yixuan, and more, the show also featured Hong Kong celebrity Gillian Chung, who is the ex-girlfriend of Jessica’s current boyfriend – Tyler Kwon.

Source: Dispatch

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