Former Sistar Member Soyou Shows off Summer-Ready Body in Bold Topless Photo

Soyou surprised fans with a topless mirror selfie. 

On May 28th, former Sistar member Soyou revealed a sexy topless photo on her Instagram with the caption “Can’t wait for summer.”

In the photo, Soyou daringly poses topless, revealing her smooth and well-defined back and abs without a trace of excess fat. Her efforts in exercising and dieting to achieve this summer-ready body are evident.


Netizens left comments such as “Her abs are amazing,” “Her waist is smaller than my arm,” “Is Sistar making a comeback?” “Looking forward to it,” and “Soyou is so hot.

In 2021, Soyou was diagnosed as obese and began her dieting journey. She recently shared the results of her InBody analysis, which showed a reduction of 25.5kg in muscle mass and 12kg in body fat, revealing her successful weight loss.

Since Sistar disbanded in 2017, Soyou has been pursuing solo activities. She released her single album “Farewell Everyday” in April.

Source: Wikitree

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