Former Kpop girl group member revealed apology letter from malicious commenter

Zhang Bichen, a former member of a Kpop girl group, released a letter of apology from a netizen who left malicious comments.

On the morning of January 17th, Zhang Bichen’s side released a handwritten letter image on their official SNS account. The letter was written by a netizen who spread malicious comments and rumors related to Zhang Bichen, and included a long apology to Zhang Bichen.

zhang bi chen

Alongside with the apology letter, Zhang Bichen wrote, “An individual has the freedom to speak, but they must not cross the line“, at the same time stating that all malicious articles spread on social media were not true. 

Meanwhile, Zhang Bichen’s side announced, “We have gathered evidence, and we will continue to take action to protect the rights and interests of Zhang Bichen. At the same time, we will continue to track down malicious slander online.”

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According to local media reports in China, the netizen who submitted an apology to Bichen is a fan of singer Hua Chenyu, who is a former lover of Bichen and the father of Bichen’s child.

In 2021, Zhang Bichen drew attention by confessing that she had a three-year-old daughter with Hua Chenyu, a popular Chinese singer. It is reported that Zhang Bichen met the 6-year-older Hua Chenyu on a music entertainment program, dated the singer, but later broke up with him. 

zhang bi chen

In the end, Zhang Bichen got pregnant with his child but gave birth alone, while Hua Chenyu is known to be assisting with the child-rearing despite the two having broken up. 

After Zhang Bichen confessed to being a single mother, she was plagued by various accusations, such as rumors of using a surrogate to give birth. In particular, it is said that some of Hua Chenyu’s fans have been continuously slandering Zhang Bichen.

jang ki cheon

Meanwhile, after Bichen won a Kpop audition, she became a member of the girl group Sunny Days in Korea in 2013. In 2014, however, she left the group and returned to China. Afterwards, she participated in the Chinese audition program “Voice of China Season 3” and won first place, making her famous in China.

Source: Nate

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