Former JYP Trainee Natty Reveals Dorm Life Secrets: “Saw All Kinds of People Over 10 Years… Smoking in the Dorms”

The group ‘KISS OF LIFE’ reminisced about their trainee days.

In a recently released global food talk show ‘XYOB,’ the ‘monster rookies’ KISS OF LIFE appeared as guests, joining singer Brian and Park Joon Hyung for a lively conversation.

On this day, former JYP Entertainment trainee Natty mentioned her past appearance on the TWICE selection audition program ‘SIXTEEN.’ Natty said, “I joined the survival program as the last member, and JYP liked me.”

natty kiss of life

Park Joon Hyung asked about episodes from their dorm life, to which member Julie candidly replied, “There are so many,” causing laughter. Natty then confessed, “I lived in the dorm for almost 10 years, so I’ve seen all kinds of people,” piquing curiosity.

In response, Brian and Park Joon Hyung eagerly said, “Tell us everything about your dorm life so far. Just don’t mention any names.” Natty revealed, “There are too many. People would just smoke in the dorm,” shocking everyone.

natty kiss of life

Although detailed information was not disclosed, netizens who came across the news reacted with shock, saying, “Smoking in the dorms is a no. Bold. Could it be a minor? Who could it be?”

Meanwhile, the group KISS OF LIFE debuted in 2023 and despite being rookies, they gained significant attention for their outstanding skills.

On the 1st, KISS OF LIFE made a comeback with their new song ‘Sticky,’ showcasing a refreshing charm.

Source: daum

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