Former IZ*ONE’s Kim Minju reportedly cast in new drama “The Forbidden Marriage” 

Kim Minju is going to expand the spectrum of her activities as an actress.

As confirmed by Korean media outlets on June 15th, Kim Minju has been cast as Crown Princess Ahn Jayeon in MBC’s upcoming historical drama “The Forbidden Marriage.”

kim minju

Kim Minju’s character Ahn Jayeon is a beautiful and kindhearted crown princess. Kim Minju’s pure and lovely charm is expected to blend well with the character and raise the interest of the drama. 

“The Forbidden Marriage” was the most popular series among Naver webtoons. It is a fusion romance historical drama based on the web novel by author Cheon Ji Hye. In its interesting setting, the king, who turned into a tyrant in Joseon, issued a ban forbidding people from getting married. 

kim minju

Kim Minju is planning to follow a full-fledged acting path through “The Forbidden Marriage”. Following her idol activities with IZ*ONE and MCing gig for MBC’s Show! Music Core, she has been recognized for her stable staging skills for two years. She is also active as a fashion brand model, showing her presence in the beauty and fashion fields.

Source: nate

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