Former IZ*ONE member Kang Hye Won: “People don’t recognize me when I ride the subway to work”

Kang Hye Won, a former member of IZ*ONE, revealed that she often rides subways to work during traffic jams. 

On May 30th, the June issues of magazine star1, which features the former IZ*ONE member Kang Hye Won, was released. In her pictorial, the female idol radiates innocent, pure, and lovely charms with her fairy-like appearance, and brightens the atmosphere of the set. 

Through an interview conducted after the photoshoot, Kang Hye Won discussed how she has been busy with her activities as a singer, actress, and entertainment personality, as well as shared about the running of her YouTube channel, which was opened after her promotions with IZ*ONE.  When asked if there are any activities she wants to focus on in the future, Kang Hye Won replied: “I want to focus on acting and wish to meet fans as soon as possible with a good work.”

Kang Hye-won
Kang Hye Won in the latest issue of star1. 

Although IZ*ONE has disbanded, Kang Hye Won still maintains a close relationship with all the members, even mentioning her former group when asked about her role model. She also expressed her affections for former groupmates, saying: “They are wonderful friends who I have a lot to learn from.” 

Kang Hye-won

The idol is known for her friendliness towards members, even earning nicknames like “handsy member” and “skinship villain”, to such, she responded: “Touch is a sign of friendship, I tend to touch others a lot after getting to know them. 

Unlike her innocent appearance, Kang Hye Won boasts an easy going personality, and surprisingly, often uses public transportation alone.  Regarding this, the female idol said: “I take the subway whenever there’s a traffic jam. Even during rush hours, no one would recognize me.” 

Kang Hye-won
Kang Hye Won often uses public transportation alone. 

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