Former I.O.I members struggle following the group’s disbandment: Some have yet to make a comebacks, others switch to acting to maintain recognition 

There were ups and downs in the members’ careers after the group disbanded. 

Walking out as the first girl group formed through “Produce 101,” I.O.I was among the leading girl groups that rivaled TWICE and Red Velvet. However, after their breakup, the members found themselves struggling on the “Kpop map.” While the majority steered into acting to boost their recognition due to a mild music career, others with impressive music releases such as Somi and Chungha did not make consistent comebacks. Some died down with time. 

I.O.I was a once-famous group 


Somi is one of the most famous member from I.O.I and is still maintaining a relatively stable music career. Her immaculate visual and impressive height quickly gained much love from the audience. Hence, she managed to gain a high ranking on the finale. After the disbandment, the idol left JYP Entertainment and signed with The Black Label. 

jeon somi
Somi is among the rare, successful members of I.O.I,  achieving various successes in music 

Somi’s solo career gained grounds in the music industry with “Dumb Dumb,” “XOXO” and “Birthday.” However, the artist is working on more commercial deals rather than music acitivities. Fans are showing their regret when she is presumably “wasting her talent.”

jeon somi MAMA
The only music-related activity from Somi in 2022 was hosting the MAMA 


After I.O.I, Chungha generated a sensation as a soloist with “Gotta Go” or “Snapping.” The idol received various awards from music programs as well as year-end award ceremonies. However, as times flies by, Chungha is slowly losing her spot with lowly received music releases. 

Recently, Chungha was reported to have ended her contract with the management company MNH Entertainment and rumor has it she is fouding her own company to continue her singing career. 

Chungha officially left her old company 


Sejeong is known in I.O.I as a member with bright visual and a capable vocal that earns her the title “The next Kim Taeyeon.” 

After the disbandment, Sejeong returned to her company and debuted with gugudan. However, because the group could not reach the expected success, they officially disbanded in December 2020 despite having much initial attention. Nonetheless, the idol was still working hard on her solo releases, OST performances and acting but could not make any breakthrough. It was in “Business Proposal” that the singer-actress got her chance to shine. 

kim se jeong
Sejeong generated a pan-Asian fever with “Business Proposal” 


Chaeyeon was loved for her pure and innocent image that ranked her among the “Kpop goddesses” of Kpop during her times with I.O.I.  Before “Produce 101,” the idol debuted with DIA as the visual and face of the group. While working for a long time, DIA was still unknown in K-pop and had few impressive works to the general public. Chaeyeon was active in acting but has not appeared in any popular works. 

jung chaeyeon
Chaeyeon generated a sensation with stunning visuals 


After I.O.I, Nayoung debuted with PRISTIN along with Kyulkyung and received much attention from the public. Nonetheless, they disbanded after two years due to the lack of notable successes. Nayoung is currenty active in acting as supporting actress in series and movies to maintain her level of recognition. 

Nayoung is active in acting after PRISTIN disbanded 


Kyulkyung and Nayoung debuted in PRISTIN afer I.O.I disbanded. The subsequent breakup of PRISTIN brought the idol back to her home country to take part in programs and film projects. She is also the only member that is not working in Korea. 

joo kyulkyung
Kyulkyung returned to China after PRISTIN disbanded 


Before “Produce 101,” Sohye was trained to be an actress but managed to impress viewers with her singing and dancing skills. After I.O.I disbanded, she expanded into acting but still has not had any notable works. She founded her own company and opened a coffee shop to interact with fans. 

Sohye focused on acting after I.O.I disbanded 


After I.O.I, Yeonjung resumed activities with Cosmic Girls (WJSN), released OST and actively participated in show programs. Despite a long period of activities, WJSN has yet to achieve a desired position in the music industry. While their appearance on “Queendom 2” was positive and fruitful, their music still could not make any resounding effect. 

Yeonjung returned with WJSN 


Yoojung worked in Weki Meki after “Produce 101” but the group also has not had any serious breakthrough. While the idol also took part in acting, she could not make an impression for herself in the Korean entertainment industry. 

She debuted solo at the end of 2022 but could not make much impression 


Doyeon and Yoojung debuted together in Weki Meki after I.O.I but also could not make any noticable hits in music. She is currently active in singing OST for film works and playing supporting roles in series such as “My Roommate Is A Gumiho” and “Jirisan.” 

kim doyeon
Doyeon was active in filming and singing OST 


Mina also debuted with gugudan and switched to acting when her music career was not hitting new milestones. She made her own marks by appearing in “Dokgo Rewind,” “Hotel Del Luna” and “Summer Guys.” 

kang mina instagram
Mina made her way into acting 

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