Former Female K-pop Idol Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison for Fatal Car Collision

The public is outraged by a former female K-pop idol, who recently received 10 years in prison after causing a fatal chain collision.

On the morning of July 9, JoongAng Ilbo reported that Korean singer and DJ Yesong was sentenced after causing a fatal car crash while intoxicated. The Seoul Central District Court sentenced the artist to 10 years in prison for driving under the influence, violating traffic laws causing death, fleeing the scene, and failing to take remedial measures after the accident. Additionally, the court ordered the confiscation of the vehicle involved in the accident.

In court, Yesong’s lawyer argued for mitigating circumstances, saying, “She has had many successful performances in Asian countries such as China and Thailand, contributing to raising South Korea’s status.” 


Meanwhile, the prosecutor criticized the singer, born in 2000, stating, “The defendant has given many inconsistent statements. I question whether the defendant is truly remorseful.” 

The presiding judge added, “The defendant could have avoided the two accidents if she had been aware of her surroundings.”

In a previous court session on April 6, Yesong’s side caused outrage by blaming the unfortunate victim. At the time, her lawyer said, “According to Korean traffic laws, when traveling on a two-lane road, motorcyclists are not allowed to enter the first lane. The delivery person violated traffic laws. If he had stayed in the second lane, the tragedy might not have happened.”

Furthermore, the lawyer also explained the reason for the singer’s intoxication by saying, “As a celebrity, she had to attend drinking parties with industry figures.” This explanation further fueled public anger, with the young singer receiving a barrage of criticism.

Earlier this year, in February, major Korean news outlets reported that Yesong, while drunk, drove her Mercedes Benz and killed a single father in his 50s. After the collision, the artist drove a few more meters before stopping. Yesong was even seen calmly holding her pet dog despite having just caused a fatal accident and refusing to cooperate with the police. A witness angrily stated, “When the police tried to separate the dog from the woman, she said she didn’t want to and requested, ‘Let me talk to my mom,’ then continued to argue with the authorities.”

Notably, Yesong had caused another collision before the fatal accident with the delivery person. After the first accident, the artist, born in 2000, pleaded with the victim to avoid punishment: “Do I look like I just drank a lot? Please forgive me just this once.” In reality, the police recorded Yesong’s blood alcohol content at 0.221%, far exceeding the legal limit.

The young singer was seen holding her pet dog after causing the fatal car accident

Born in 2000, Yesong was a member of the idol group INSTAR and debuted in the K-pop industry at 17. After two unsuccessful years of activities, INSTAR disbanded. Since then, Yesong has transitioned to being an MC and has performed in and outside of South Korea.

Yesong debuted in K-pop girl group before becoming a DJ

Source: AKP, K14

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