Dawn’s Proposal Photo Re-examined Following Hyuna’s Marriage News, “I Spent Half Of My Property On It” 

After Hyuna suddenly announced her marriage to Yong Jun-hyung, the public also pays attention to her ex Dawn

In the past, Hyuna and Dawn made a promise on a broadcast that they would not delete photos together even after their breakup. In fact, after Hyuna announced her marriage to Yong Jun-hyung on July 8th, neither the female singer nor her ex-boyfriend Dawn deleted their dating photos.

hyuna yong junhyung

Hyuna publicized her relationship with Dawn, a junior singer under the same company CUBE Entertainment in 2018, and revealed that they had been dating for two years. After leaving CUBE, the two moved to Psy’s agency P Nation and released the EP album “1+1=1” together as a duo. As the two often mentioned each other and expressed affection for each other freely on social media and various stages, many people even expressed admiration for them as a “longtime idol couple”.

hyuna dawn

In 2022, Dawn publicly revealed his intention to propose to Hyuna on SNS by preparing a proposal ring for her, and Hyuna also answered “YES”, sparking rumors of their marriage. In the end, Hyuna’s husband-to-be is not Dawn, but the proposal picture Dawn dedicated to Hyuna still remains on his SNS account.

Appearing on a broadcast when he was dating Hyuna, Dawn confessed, “I spent half my of my property on the proposal”. According to the jewelry brand D that produced the ring, Dawn personally chose opal, Hyuna’s favorite gemstone, and added seven different types of diamonds to a platinum ring. The male singer also spent a lot of time and effort to make a unique design. The brand stated, “We cannot set a price for love, but he spent a considerable amount of money, time and sincerity on it.”

As the news of Hyuna and Yong Jun-hyung’s marriage spread, fans expressed bitterness upon re-examining Dawn’s proposal photo.

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