Former child actress Kim So Eun, “I’ve been active for 18 years without a scandal. I always try to be careful with my actions”

Kim So Eun has further strengthened her presence and made a solid contribution to her filmography with “Three Bold Siblings”. 

“Three Bold Siblings” is a family drama that centers around three siblings, Kim Tae Joo (Lee Ha Na), Kim So Rim (Kim So Eun), and Kim Gun Woo (Lee You Jin), who grew up under the care of their parents, who own a curry restaurant, and lead different lives. Kim So Eun added vitality to the story with her portrayal of the energetic and confident second sibling Kim So Rim, who works as a daily sports instructor.

In an interview held at a café in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on March 16th, when there were only two episodes before the drama ended, Kim So Eun expressed her satisfaction with “Three Bold Siblings” performance, calling it a work that will remain in her heart for a long time. The actress shared, “Playing a lead role in a weekend drama, known as KBS’s representative, and a versatile character, I discovered a confident side of myself that I didn’t have before. It’s an unforgettable work for me.”


Kim So Eun also received favorable reviews from viewers for her unique romantic chemistry with Kim Seung Soo (as Shin Mu Young) who is 12 years older than her in the drama and 18 years older than her in reality. She said, “At first, I was worried about our age difference and was rather shy in front of the senior actor. However, he comforted me by making lots of jokes and creating a comfortable atmosphere. After acting together for a long time, we gradually got closer and performed better chemistry.”

At the 2022 KBS Drama Awards held on the last day of 2022, Kim So Eun and Kim Seung Soo even won Best Couple Award. Regarding this, Kim So Eun said, “I was very happy to receive the award and gained viewers’ recognition for our chemistry. It was my honor to share the stage with Kim Seung Soo sunbaenim. I think we were able to become a well-loved couple and even got nicknamed ‘Moorim (Shin Moo Young + Kim So Rim) Couple’ because our narratives were built up slowly.”

Kim So Eun said she doesn’t care much about age gap when dating, but it would be more difficult for someone 12 years older than her to date her. She jokingly said, “I think up to an 8-year age difference would be possible… but if it’s 12 years, I might get scolded by my mom. Haha. My ideal type? Someone I can respect and learn from!”

The drama started airing in September last year, but preparations for the production began in May. In other words, Kim So Eun spent nearly a year filming “Three Bold Siblings”. After finishing the work, Kim So Eun, who debuted as a child actress in 2005 when she was in middle school, has become an adult actress with 18 years of experience. In this regard, she said, “Because acting is the job I love to do, I kept going with it without realizing how much time had passed. I can’t believe it’s been such a long time already.”


Some former child stars have disappointed the public with their problematic actions after growing up. However, over the past 18 years, Kim So Eun has diligently built her acting career without getting involved in any scandals. The actress shared, “I have always been cautious in everything because I started my career at a very young age. I love this job so much that I am even more careful. I won’t cause any accidents in the future and will continue to work with a healthy mindset. (smiles).”

Kim So Eun, who is reviewing her next project, aims to broaden her character spectrum. She confessed, “I have often played smart and virtuous or sweet and lovely characters. I tried acting as a villain when playing a double role in MBC’s drama ‘Scholar Who Walks the Night’. However, I want to properly take on a real villain role someday. I also want to portray a psychopath character like the male lead in the Netflix drama ‘You’. My goal for this year is toplay a character that is different from what I have done before.”

Source: Daum

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