“Forecasting Love and Weather” Song Kang, conquering from high teen to workplace romance… “I learned a lot while playing Shi-woo”

Actor Song Kang’s romance was “clearness”.

While JTBC’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Forecasting Love and Weather” came to an end by warming the home theater, Song Kang‘s thoughts on the work’s end were revealed.

Forecasting love and weather-Song Kang

His appearance as Lee Shi-woo, who was in charge of Special Reporting Division 2 of Korea Meteorological Administration, was “clearness” itself. The appearance of making people around him feel good with his positive and warm energy, and the fact that he is an ace of Korea Meteorological Administration who is more sincere about the weather than anyone else also gave viewers a thrill. Above all, the “younger man” image portrayed by Song Kang in a fast-paced romance with his boss Jin Ha-kyung (Park Min-young) seemed to promise clear days that would not change for a long time, creating a dizzying excitement from the beginning of the broadcast.

However, an unexpected event came to Shi-woo. His father, who was addicted to gambling, and even the conflict with Ha-kyung due to differences in marriage values. The hardships that came along with the typhoon beyond cloudiness gave him a bitter farewell. However, Song Kang portrayed Shi-woo‘s changes in a wide range of growth stories and filled the romance with his own color. Based on the emotional changes he felt while facing the conflict with his father, especially his relationship with Ha-kyung, his ever-increasing mature appearance left a lingering impression that went beyond simple excitement.

Forecasting love and weather-Song Kang

Song Kang, who successfully wrapped up his first workplace romance through “Forecasting Love and Weather“, expressed his feelings about the drama’s end through his agency Namoo Actors. He said, “I learned a lot while playing the character Shi-woo. It was a hard yet meaningful process. I hope it remains a good message for you as I learned a lot. I will continue to work hard in the future, so please support me.”

Actor Song Kang became a romance powerhouse by conquering high teen, campus and even workplace romance. People are raising expectations for him to present joy with new genres and characters.

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