Following Se7en & Lee Da Hae, will Kim Woo Bin & Shin Min Ah or Lee Dong Hwi & Jung Ho Yeon be the next to announce marriage news?

Since many celebrity couples have recently got married, netizens are guessing which ones will be the next to deliver good news.

Singer Se7en and actress Lee Da Hae held their grand wedding at Shilla Hotel in Junggu, Seoul on May 6th. Although it was a private wedding, the appearance of various superstar guests, including Big Bang G-Dragon, Taeyang & Daesung, 2NE1 members, So Yoo Jin & Baek Jong Won couple, Super Junior Leeteuk, Lee Si Yeon, etc., drew keen attention.


The wedding was divided into two parts and hosted by comedians Kim Joon Ho and Jo Se Ho. Taeyang, Gummy, and Bada presented congratulatory songs, while Hong Kyung Min and So Yoo Jin led the congratulatory speech. Se7en and Lee Da Hae finally tied the knot after 8 years of dating, heralding the second act of their life.

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In fact, they are not the only star couple with a happy ending. Earlier in November last year, Hwang Bo Ra also walked down the aisle with Kim Young Hoon, the son of actor Kim Yong Gun and the younger brother of actor Ha Jung Woo, after dating for 10 years. Especially, Hwang Bo Ra even registered for marriage before her wedding, revealing that it was due to their plan to have children. She said, “You need to register for marriage if you want to undergo medical procedures such as fertility treatments.” They were even prepared for family planning one step ahead.


Nam Goong Min and Jin Ah Reum also got married in October last year marking the happy ending for their 7-year romantic relationship. Nam Goong Min held his wedding with Jin Ah Reum while filming for SBS’s drama “One Dollar Lawyer”, achieving success in work and love at the same time.

Seeing various long-time celebrity couples have announced their marriage one after another, the public is paying attention to other couples who are still developing their love. Guessing the next couples to get married with excitement, netizens mentioned couples such as Kim Woo Bin & Shin Min Ah and Lee Dong Hwi & Jung Ho Yeon.


Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min Ah have been publicly dating for 8 years since 2015. Shin Min Ah has been a great supporter of her partner Kim Woo Bin during his hiatus for cancer treatment. Therefore, fans are looking forward to whether Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin’s love, which has been strongly built with trust and affection, will bear fruit. 


Actor Lee Dong Hwi and model-actress Jung Ho Yeon have also been dating for nearly a decade. The two don’t hesitate to show their love in public. In particular, they recently attended the VIP preview event of the movie “Rebound” together.

Source: Naver

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