First appearing at Mnet M! Countdown after 4 years, Rosé accidentally met an “old friend”

Rosé’s old friend just joined M! Countdown as MC a month ago.

On March 18, Rosé (BLACKPINK) had a second solo stage with her debut songs On The Ground and GONE at M! Countdown.  Notably, this is the first appearance of a member of BLACKPINK at M! Countdown after 4 years.

More specifically, M! Countdown just changed the MCs last month.  The current MCs are Miyeon ((G)I-DLE) and actor Nam Yoon Su.  MC Miyeon introduced Rosé’s solo debut, also called the main vocal of BLACKPINK “comeback global # 1, Kpop queen”.  As an MC and a performer, Rosé and Miyeon must have had the opportunity to meet at the backstage.

In fact, Miyeon and Rosé have a very close relationship. During her trainee days, Miyeon was in the expected debut lineup of BLACKPINK with Rosé and the other members.  She joined YG at the same time as Jennie. At that time, fans thought she would debut with BLACKPINK, but Miyeon suddenly left YG in 2015 and switched to CUBE Entertainment.  Rosé and Miyeon had been through their difficult youth together, so they are definitely close.  But now, each person has their own path.  Miyeon is now the main vocal of (G)I-DLE, one of the top visuals of 4th generation Kpop. Rosé is also successful as a member of BLACKPINK and now, as a solo singer.

Miyeon was once in the expected debut lineup of BLACKPINK, standing next to Rosé
Miyeon's reaction when watching BLACKPINK’s performance
Miyeon also took Rosé’s arm closely. They must have had a happy time together
Miyeon is now the main vocal of (G)I-DLE, one of the top visuals of 4th generation Kpop.

Therefore, many fans who know about this past relationship are extremely looking forward to their meeting at M! Countdown.  However, Rosé has not been able to win this week, which means that fans have not had the opportunity to see Miyeon hand the trophy to Rosé and the interaction between them. But Rosé may win the trophy next week and two girls will be able to meet each other on stage.

Source: Mnet, K14, Internet

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