Female Stars’ Recent Disappointing Fashion Choices: Jessi, Park Ji Hyun, Lim Ji Yeon, Seolhyun, and TWICE Jihyo

From confusing looks that combine excessive to boring items, here are the recent outfit combinations of female stars that make us sigh with regret.


Jessi appeared at the airport departure gate matching a boldly exposed crop top and leggings. As it is an airport departure fashion, it definitely gives off natural vibes, but the exposure makes it look excessive.

While her desire to show off her perfect body line is understandable, Jessi should refrain from the burdensome “bulging” fashion.

Park Ji Hyun

Park Ji Hyun showed off a striking look with a bright floral pattern and a sensational hair styling. Although the halter-neck style gives off feminine vibes, the ankle-length one-piece dress adds a somewhat suffocating feeling. 

If she had chosen a more daring look to match her sensational hair, it would have been better. The combination of the flowing dress length and the somewhat messy floral pattern diminishes Park Ji Hyun’s refreshing charm.

Lim Ji Yeon

Lim Ji Yeon matched an all-black outfit with a bag. The actress’ look, which gave off an awkward atmosphere from the material with the combination of knit and silk, only left clumsiness due to the shape of the long cardigan and the length of the skirt. Lim Ji Yeon’s look, which was neither one nor the other, arouses regret.

Lim ji Yeon


Seolhyun showed a feminine look with an off-shoulder top and a denim flared skirt. She tried to make a bold combination, but only left a stuffy impression. She created a rustic atmosphere rather than a sophisticated one. It would have been even better if she had shown a bright look with a lighter combination of items.


Jihyo presented a simple combination with a shirt and denim pants. It is said that the face completes the fashion, but I feel embarrassed by the look’s lack of sincerity. It would have been better if Jihyo had chosen a more detailed look to support her gorgeous beauty.

Source: Naver

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