Female idols celebrating Christmas: ITZY boasts impressive physique, BLACKPINK stuns fans with surprising off-shoulder looks 

Fans are in awe of various shades and designs of Christmas outfits tailor-made for female idols.

itzy red velvet irene
K-pop becomes bustling with various ways female idols celebrate Christmas. (Image: JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment)

During the concert in Amsterdam, BLACKPINK members appeared in Christmas-themed santa dresses and performed the song “Last Christmas.”

blackpink amsterdam
BLACKPINK wore Santa costumes at the concert. (Image: Kpopping)

BLACKPINK’s outfits were able to show the girls’ attractive figures. For Jennie and Jisoo, their outfits included outerwear that revealed their free shoulders when taken off. 

blackpink amsterdam thumbnail
Each outfit was tailored to complement the members. (Image: Pinterest)
This Christmas performance made fans extremely excited. (Image: Pinterest)

On the stage to promote the song “Snowy,” ITZY also chose to wear bright red outfits. But they made some creative adjustments and combined crop tops with dynamic shorts instead of skirts. They donned Christmas hats and wore accessories made of white fluffy material.

ITZY wore brilliant outfits to promote the new song. (Image: Instagram @itzy.all.in.us)

ITZY’s physique also quickly became the talk of the town when their stage outfits revealed their long legs and slim waists.

The girls’ beauty received many compliments from the audience. (Image: Instagram @itzy.all.in.us)

On December 14th, 2022, Red Velvet and aespa launched a collaboration MV called “Beautiful Christmas,” with the Santa outfits standing out the most.

red velvet aespa
Red Velvet and aespa boasted their visuals in their Christmas costumes. (Image: YouTube SMTOWN)

Going for the darker shade of red for the costumes, Red Velvet and aespa grew more classy and attractive. To complement the red outfit, the members wore tailored gloves, boots, and belts to bring out their best image for the holiday season. 

Fans applauded the released SM concept photos. In addition, their behind-the-scenes video partly showed the various visually stunning faces in SM. 

red velvet
Red Velvet proved themselves as a group full of visuals. (Image: Facebook Red Velvet)
red velvet irene
Irene’s beauty never disappointed fans. (Image: SM Entertainment)
red velvet joy
Joy made a strong impression with a complementary, tailored outfit. (Image: SM Entertainment)
aespa were as gorgeous as their seniors. (Image: Facebook aespa)

On December 24th, 2022, Somi gifted fans a surprising gift by revealing her personal YouTube channel. For her first uploaded content, she filmed a Christmas video, wearing a bright red outfit and swooning blonde hair. 

Somi posted a Christmas video for fans. (Image: Somi YouTube)
She stood out thanks to her blonde hair and bright red outfit. (Image: Somi YouTube)

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